Welcome to RoyaleKatz Ragdoll Cats

We live south of Brisbane on a small acreage property and have been breeding pedigree cats for many years now. We have previously bred Tonkinese, Munchkins, Norwegian Forest Cats  and are now breeding Ragdolls Cats.

We are also proud breeders of Pug Dogs who share our home with a few Alpaca’s, a variety of free ranging chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinea fowl’s, Parrots etc etc.

All Of Our Breeding Cats Are DNA Tested For HCM And PKD Before Being Allowed To Breed.

We currently have 2 Stud Ragdoll Boys and a few Girls consisting of Colour Points, Mitted and Bi-Colours and most colours. 

We are a closed Cattery and breed with only our own stock to minimize any risk of diseases which insures us of producing healthy and good quality Ragdoll kittens for sale. We are registered Breeders with QFA (Queensland Feline Association). All of our cats are our pride and joy and very much loved and a very big part of our family and life.